How long do we get to use the booth for?
If you book for 3 hours you get 3 hours! Our booths are set up prior to your booking time and not taken down until after, all set-up time and dismantle is included in the booking price. For both the photobooth and selfie mirror

What do I need to have for the booth to work?
All we need is a space 2 metres x 3 metres – roughly 8ft * 8ft indoors on a flat surface and a plug socket…then we’re good to go!

How do we run the booth/selfie mirror?
You don’t need to worry about that, our booths are always manned by a fully trained friendly and reliable attendant who will make sure it runs smoothly and show your guests how to operate all the booths features.

Can I cancel my booking?
Your deposit is used to secure your chosen date. This means nobody else can have your date and we will turn people down once we have processed your deposit. If you subsequently decide to cancel your booking we have therefore potentially turned away others who wanted your date. You are able to cancel your booking but please be certain you want the booth before paying the deposit as this is non-refundable.

How far do you travel?
We are based in Broughton near Chester. Our prices include travel within a 35-mile radius. Any events further than this will be charged a delivery fee of 50p per mile. Please contact us for a quote.

Set Up and Timing?
Setting up takes up to 1 hour so please ensure we’ll have access to your venue beforehand.
Taking down the booth and the end of your event takes around 15 minutes.

Can I have customised prints?
Yes we do this every time with all our packages. Not only can we add details of the event on the prints but we can also customise the green screen images to suit your chosen theme.

How do I book?
Simply go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab, complete the form and a member of our team will contact you to confirm your booking.

When do you deliver the Candy Cart?
That depends on when you want it available to your guests. If you want to make sure there is still some left for your evening guests then we recommend delivery around 6:30pm. If we are there with another service then we will take it away that evening, otherwise we will collect the cart and glassware the following day.

When do you deliver and collect the illuminated letters?
That depends on what day you are having your wedding or event. Monday – Friday we will deliver them the evening before. If your wedding/event is a weekend then we will deliver them in the morning and collect the following morning.